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Why Sliding Scale Prices?

Food is a human right, and somehow has turned into a luxury. Being able to afford locally sourced, ethically raised meat has become inaccessible to many. As  small farmers, we are competing with big agriculture, and all of the harm that it causes in order to bring you the lowest prices. This is why your local farmer is an endangered species. We hope that by adopting sliding scale prices, we can make our food available to a wider array of customers, as well as still make a living ourselves. All around us, small farms are going out of business or struggling long hours everyday of the week to keep their head above water.  We would like to take a risk, and believe in the goodness of people. If you can afford the higher end of the scale, you are paying for someone who would not otherwise be able to afford local, ethically-raised, nutritious food for them and their family. No matter how much money we happen upon in this life, we all deserve to live well.

How It Works

It's easy! You choose what price you'd like to pay per

pound of hanging weight!



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