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Meet the Farmers


Carissa Miller

Halfling Shepherdess

Carissa is a fifth-generation farmer in the Nisqually valley. She grew up playing dress-up with calves and bringing her chickens to school for show and tell. She attended The Evergreen State college where she got a degree in Environmental Studies and Zoology.  Withywindle Valley Farm combines her love for animals with her passion for raising ethical food, and sustainable land stewardship. 


Jasper Pease

Keeper of swine, sheep, and paintbrushes

Jasper enjoys a healthy balance of farm life and creating art. He grew up in Iowa, in the land of corn and soybeans and learned how exactly he didn't want to farm. He can be found working on building projects around the farm, engrossed in a painting, or plucking away at the banjo. 


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