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About Us

Withywindle farm is a small family farm located in the biologically-rich Nisqually basin. With a focus in regenerative agriculture, we provide ethically and sustainably raised pork and lamb. Each of our animals is raised with love for the animal as well as for the environment we strive to work in harmony with. Our farm is located in the migratory route of birds, as well as a nesting site for bald eagles.  

We understand that these days, it is harder to feel connected with your food and feel confident that is was raised in a humane way. We strive to bridge that gap by bringing you pasture-raised lamb and pork, good conversation, and a real connection.

Connection with our customers is one of our highest values. Whether you're taking care of a family, or needing culturally appropriate food for a holiday, we are happy to meet you where you're at, quite literally! Delivery can be arranged between Chehalis and Seattle. If you're interested in a farm visit, reach out to schedule a farm pick-up time instead! 

ethically raised lamb and pork on pasture custom butchered for your freezer on a small women owned regenerative organic farm in olympia washington
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