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Withywindle Pigs

Withywindle Valley Farm is seasonally nurtures a small swine herd. Our piglets come to us from the wonderful mother and daughter dou, women-owned, This Little Pig Farm. These heritage breed hogs have been meticulously bred for superb flavor and hardy genetics.  Chester White x American old spot crosses have natural curiosity, intelligence, and hardiness of the old breeds, prior to large scale commercial and industrial meat. 


With respect given to the natural behavior of these creatures, they are rotated through the pasture and woods, where they can forage and help us till the land in order to create healthy space for future foods and forage to grow. We feed our pigs from a local mill as well as recycled fruit, veggies, and baked goods. 


Our pigs are slaughtered onsite to reduce stress, and then transported to a local butcher to be professionally cut to your specifications. Our current butcher date is for October 3rd 2023. 

We only have a few hogs, so reserve yours now before it's too late!

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