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Grass Fed Beef (Half)

Grass Fed Beef (Half)

This deposit reserves the animal for you! Payment in full will be due at time of harvest.

Grassfed Jersey beef is an incredible treat. These jersey cattle were raised on pasture and local grass hay in partnership with by my own Aunt, Vivian Thomsen, on our family farm. Jersey is typcally raised as a dairy breed and is slower growing than most meat breeds. The time it takes to finish a Jersey lends itself to the  healthier  and higher quality of meat. Jersey meat is considered superior to many meat breeds due to the way it marbles and bosts a finer grain. Because dairy breeds need to be able to maintain healthy conditioning while producing large quantaties of milk, their meat stores high levels of intermuscular fat leading to this fabulous marbeling. This creates a more acceptable tender, juicey, and flavorful meat than what you'd generally find on a grocery store shelf. Studies have shown that jersey meat actually contains significantly higher levels of monounsaturated fat than common meat breeds, meaning that jersey meat is a healthier option for conumsers who are choosing healthier fats in their diets diets due to concerns about cholesteral, heart health, inflamation, nutrition, cell health, and general wellbeing.


The cattle is slaughtered onsite to reduce stress.



$6.50/lb hanging weight (weight after beef has been skinned and gutted)


We aim got a hanging weight of about 600 lbs. This means you can expect half a beef to cost about $1,950This prices might vary depending on the size of the pig. 


  • These prices include the cost of the slaughter and Butcher to be paid to professional slaughter and butcher company respecivly.


We offer sliding-scale prices per pound of $5.50-8.50/lb. To get our needs on the farm met we need to make $6.50/lb. If you can afford to pay more, you are paying for someone to have access to nutritious quality food who otherwise couldn't afford it. If you cannot afford $6.50/lb, feel free to pay on the lower end of the sliding-scale.  


There are only two beef avaible, and are priced to sell quickly as our slaughter date approaches soon at the end of May! Exact date TBA


What to Expect:

On slaughter day, I will email you to let you know the weight of the beef share and arrange payment and delivery. The beef will be sent to Home Meats in Shelton to be aged and professionally cut and wrapped.

Once your meat is ready it can be picked up directly from the butcher, or delivery can be arranged between Seattle and Chehalis. 

    Excluding Sales Tax
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