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Fall Lamb Reservation (2024)

Fall Lamb Reservation (2024)

This deposit reserves the animal for you! Payment in full will be due at time of harvest.


Our lambs are grass fed, and rotationally grazed for their health, your health (link to scienfically proven benefits of grass-fed for health) and the health of the fields.  We value the lives and wellbeing or each animal, regardles of if they are to be sent to the table or kept on the farm. We garentee humane treatment and quality of life. Slaughter happens on farm allowing for a low stress environment. A whole lamb will fit a regualr kitchen freezer (no need for chest freezer!), and comes professionally butcherd.  


The lambs we raise heritage breeds, and tend to have a hanging weight of 30-40 pounds. We are currently taking reservations for lambs that will be harvested in October and November of 2024 (exact dates TBA)




$14/lb hanging weight (weight of animal after it has been slaughtered and gutted) 


Our lambs usally hang 30-40/lbs This means you can expect a lamb to cost $420- $560. These prices might vary depending on the size of the lamb. 


These prices per pound include the cost of the slaughter ($90) and Butcher ($60) to be paid to professional slaughter and butcher company respectivly


We offer sliding-scale prices per pound of $11-20/lb. To get our needs met, we need to make $14/lb. If you can afford to pay more, you are paying for someone to have access to nutritious quality food who otherwise couldn't afford it. If you cannot afford $14/lb, feel free to pay on the lower end of the sliding-scale.  


We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve your whole animal, which will come out of end cost.



If you would prefer to butcher your own animal, please let us know! You will recieve a discount of $60.


What to expect:

We use Gibson's Meat locally to professionally butcher our lambs. When your lamb is brought to the butcher you will need to call to discuss which cuts you would like. They can walk you through that process. The butchered meat is usually ready to be picked up about a week after slaughter.


A whole lamb will fit into the average freezer, or small cooler. You do not need a chest freezer!



Your lamb will be cut to how you prefer. The butcher is happy to help you decide.  This is a list of the usual cut you can expect with each lamb:

  • Loin chops
  • Rack of ribs
  • Lamb leg roast or Steak
  • Lamb shoulder roast or Steak
  • Lamb shanks
  • Meaty Lamb neckbones
  • Ground Lamb or Stew
  • Lamb bones for soup stock


Don't know how to cook lamb? Free recipe books and cooking sheets provided with each order!



We are happy to deliver you your lamb between Seattle and Olympia. Farm pickups can be arranged as well. We appricate our customers and want to make this process as easy as possible. It can seem a bit confusing the first time so dont hesitate to call if you have any questions!



If you are interested in having your lamb slaughtered and butchered Halal we are happy to accomodate that. 

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