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Woodland-Raised Pork (Whole) Reservation (Fall 2024)

Woodland-Raised Pork (Whole) Reservation (Fall 2024)

This deposit reserves the animal for you! Payment in full will be due at time of harvest.

Withywindle Valley Farm seasonally nurtures a small swine herd. With respect given to the natural behavior of these creatures, they are rotated through the pasture and woods, where they can forage and help us till the land in order to create healthy space for future foods and forage to grow. We feed our pigs from a local mill as well as recycled food from the Olympia Food-bank. Pork takes on the flavor of what it is fed. The diversity of fruit, vegetables, grain, and forage gives our pork a superior flavor and quality that cannot be bought in the store!


Our pigs are slaughtered onsite to reduce stress, and then transported to a local butcher to be professionally cut to your specifications. We are expecting this years pigs to be ready October 14, 2024 


We only have a few hogs, so reserve yours now before it's too late!



$11/lb hanging weight (weight of animal after it has been slaughtered and gutted) 


We aim got a hanging weight of 180-225 lbs. This means you can expect a hog to cost $1,980 - $2,475. These prices might vary depending on the size of the pig. 


  • These prices include the cost of the slaughter ($95) and Butcher ($1.00/lb) to be paid to professional slaughter and butcher company respecivly.
  • For bacon and ham there is an extra charge of ($1.35/lb). The ham and the bacon usually weight about 40-50 lbs. 


We offer sliding-scale prices per pound of $8-17/lb. To get our needs on the farm met we need to make $11/lb. If you can afford to pay more, you are paying for someone to have access to nutritious quality food who otherwise couldn't afford it. If you cannot afford $11/lb, feel free to pay on the lower end of the sliding-scale.  


We ask for a $150 deposit to reserve your whole animal, which will come out of end cost.


What to Expect:

On slaughter day, we will call you to let you know the hanging weight of the pig. We will send you a cut list and you can choose which cuts you would like. We are happy to walk you through that process. The meat will be cured for a few days and then professionally cut and wrapped. 

Once your meat is ready, we are able to deliver between Seattle area and Chehalis. You can also arrange farm pick up here at Withywindle Valley Farm in the Nisqually Valley. 

    Excluding Sales Tax
    Reserve for Fall 2024 Harvest!
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